Lost Dog Wash Trail, AZ

Since the lighting here is backlight, I opened up some of the shadow areas for a little detail. What do you think? Should I have let the shadows go dark?

Any other comments are welcome.

5D MK4, 105mm, f18, 1/320, ISO400

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I think this has a nice since of light. The shadows look good to me–not to open, or dark. The composition works well.

There is a dark spot in the sky on the left edge about midway between the horizon and the top of the frame. It catches my eye, but that’s minor.

You did a nice job capturing a nice desert day.


Wow, the first impression I get is how much desert flora is jammed in to the semi-small landscape. I like the arrangement and inclusion of all the various cacti, rock and other vegetation.

The sky and clouds help with the context of the lighting. Yes, I can see the back light, especially in the cholla. The colors look pretty good and it’s interesting you mentioned you opened the shadows a bit, yet I still feel like the contrast is a bit on the heavy side. Then again, I think the time of day has a lot to do with .

Again, you’ve got a lot packed in to this pleasing desert scene. Looks great.


A big part of the charm of our desert is the backlit cactuses. And no cactus is more luminous than the cholla when lit that way. The raised shadows seem right to me and don’t look that unnatural. The weakest aspect of this image is the foreground. Any amount of cropping off the bottom improves the image,

This almost looks like someone’s manicured garden…so many different flora all crammed into this one scene. Great job on the exposure, it gives the impression of being out on a sunny desert day with out being overexposed. My only technical comment is a question on why the two peaks on the right are darker than their bases? Did you use a graduated filter?

Thank you for your suggestion. I did look at a crop but ultimately went back to original.


Thank you for your comments. Yes, I did use a grad nd.