"Lucid Dreams" Lines, Textures, and Light of the Desert Southwest

“Inner Light” Strong midday sunlight reflects and bounces through a twisting, sandstone hallway in one of my favorite areas to photograph and hike around in. Slot canyons are awesome because you can wander in them and photograph them with interesting light practically all day long. They also offer some nice shade from that hot, desert sun.

This week I released my latest body of work, which I actually created at the beginning of this year during the winter while I was traveling around the desert. My new gallery, “Lucid Dreams,” is a personal interpretation of the incredible lines, textures, and light of the desert Southwest, a place I hold dearly to my heart. While I love all of nature, forests, coasts, mountains, anything, there is something so unique and powerful about the emptiness of the desert. In no other geography can you experience the vastness of the arid lands where everything is spread out from one another. I dread the day when our planet is so filled with people, urban jungles, and highways, that we no longer can experience the sacred feeling of solitude and nothingness. When we can no longer be confronted with the undeniable fact that this world is so much bigger than us and could get along just fine without us. A world where humans can no longer be humbled by nature is a troubling place to imagine.

Thank you to those of you that take the time to look at these new images. I hope you enjoy them and they can help you see the sacredness of the little wilderness that we still have left.


The light, colors and shapes are very dynamic. This is a fine slot canyon take.

Wonderful color and contrast Eric. The curves and textures of the rocks add a lot of interest.

Thanks a lot, Mark! I appreciate the kind comment.

@Eva_McDermott So glad you enjoy it! Thanks a lot for looking!