Lunch Time updated

We were sitting for lunch at the desert museum, and I had my camera from photographing hummingbirds. It is always nice to have a camera setup the way I would need it. So, this Cactus Wren came by looking for something to eat.

Specific Feedback Requested

The bird was not far away so there is just a small crop. I was not sure about the branch on the right and I was going to remove it but decided to leave it there. Thoughts?

Technical Details

R7 100-400 ii f/4-5.6 at 280mm 1/160 f/13 ISO 1600 (that high ISO does not seem to be a issue). I used Topaz Photo AI and it only addressed the noise.

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Hi Dean
This looks really good even with the vertical branch and since the branch is slightly OOF, it’s easy to tell it’s not right in front of the Wren.
The Wren looks like it’s being lit on the front from some kind of fill light like a reflected light from something bright, it worked out good whatever it is.
Beautiful bird.
I wouldn’t expect much noise even at 1600 because of how well exposed the image is. I’ve had some with low ISO in the shade with lots noise, others with high ISO and almost no noise in bright light (high shutter speed with small aperture).

This is a fine image in my opinion.

Lovely detail in the Wren, with soft light and a very pretty BG. Good comment from @Merv about the branch being less distracting because it is OOF. It drops into the (near) BG nicely.

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Nice and colourful bird, well shot. Composition wise I would suggest to gave even more room to the right (of course I do not know whether you have more space left there), to give the bird some room the breath, so to speak. Other than that a fine image. Cheers,

This is lovely. I actually thought the bird might be eating from the branch on the right so I would keep it in.

Nice one Dean, have not seen this species in quite a while. Love the nice full profile and of course the wonderful markings on the Wren. Noise is not an issue, I also thought the right side needed more breathing room, branch not a issue for me either.

Thank you @Merv , @Diane_Miller , @Robena.Sirett , @Stephen_Stanton , and @Hans_Overduin . I changed the crop some changing the ratio to 2x3 (so I can print a 18x12) Any thoughts?


I do like this better…the extra space around the bird gives more context. I have to remember to not crop too much…I get so excited with the details I see in the bird I often take too much of the background out. I think this is a great balance. A lovely shot!

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Hi Dean,
I like this crop better.
It really is a beautiful bird and the new framing works well in my opinion.
The contrasting colors make it stand out nicely.

I like it better as well; I was just concern about the OOF black branch.

Yes, I think this s a more balanced photo giving more room for the subject.

Hi Dean, I really like your second image better too with more of the environment. It just seems to look more natural. I love wrens and you really captured the busy personality they have well!