I found this lovey web and the spider in the middle. So while taking photographs, I wondered if I wait long enough someone would get tangled in the web. Sure enough 20 minutes later, jackpot. I took lots of photos but this one seems to show the small fly.

Specific Feedback Requested

The bright area on the right side I tried to desaturate and dim down to help bring focus to the subject. I did a crop and I wonder would a square crop be better. I like showing some of the web, so not sure.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 6D2, Canon 100-400 ii set at f/14 1/250 iso 400. HH no flash.

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Dean, I think you did a good job - I like keeping the web in view, also the fact that the two colours in the BG are balanced, left and right. Very good focus on the spider and prey also.

A nice catch for you and the spider, Dean. I’m not sure what kind of spider it is, but it looks like the prey may be a hoverfly. With the darker BG right behind the spider and fly helps make them stand out better. Nice capture.

Thanks @Mike_Friel and @Shirley_Freeman . I did wish the spider had picked a nicer background. What is wrong with these spiders, don’t they know better. I wanted one of the web as we which was nicely built.

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Dean, this is a fine look at this spider with it’s prey. The view is well balanced and the web is an important part of the story.

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