Lybster Harbour

Lybster Harbour.
I had been down at the harbour shooting but it got so cloudy I thought it was pointless waiting for sunset, that said when I drove up the hill to this point I still had to stop and watch the storm pass,. Then a little bit of light started to appear on the right so I had to get the gear out.
This was the most light that appeared and I wen’t home happy.
As a newbie let me know if 4 photos in 12 days is too regular!

Sony A7R2, 24-105 @28mm ISO 50, 4secs, F11

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Obviously is too often :rofl:

Hi Andrew,
I like what you came away with this particular evening. The processing looks good to me and I like your chosen vantage point as it shows off the harbor rather nicely. It looks like the perfect safe haven for the approaching storm. The sunstar with the lamp post is a wonderful element in the scene as are the two lit windows in the white building. I also like just the bit of warm color along the horizon. As far as posting four images in 12 days is not to much as you are allowed one a day if I am not mistaken. Anyway, nicely done.

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Thanks for the comments Ed. At first I didn’t like the sunstar but it has grown on me.