Macro Lens Recommendations


I have Canon 4D mark IV looking for a good macro lens? I would be using it for photographing insects, flowers, rain drops, snow flakes etc…
Be interested in recommendations?

Hi Larry. I’m partial to the Canon 180 mm, f3.5, but lots of people use the Sigma and Tamron lenses of the same general focal length with great success. I suspect snowflakes take some special optics to get them large enough in the frame, though Canon makes a special 65 mm lens that starts at a 1:1 and goes up to 5:1 the model is Canon MP-E 65mm. There’s a member of our local camera club who has one. He says it’s finicky, but does get great results.

Larry, I have the Canon 100 mm L macro, the 180 mm L as well as the MP-E65 mm 1X-5X macro lenses. I have to say the one I use the most is the 100. It is my go to macro lens. I rarely have used the MP-E65, and just bought the 180 last year used. I hope to use it more than I have. If you are doing snow flakes, I suspect that the MP-E65 would be useful as you would need to get in closer than the other 2 lenses that are 1:1. So, I guess it depends on what subjects you will be wanting to shoot as to which lens. The 180 works nice for butterflies and bees that don’t like you getting close. I hope that helps in this major decision to find the right lens.

I’m continually indecisive about my macro gear, and currently have the Canon 180mm. I primarily use it during the odd night walk on my tropical trips, and admit I need to gain more experience with it. But I am finding it more challenging to use than the 100mm 2.8 (or old Sigma 50mm 2.8 macro, which was a fine lens) I used to have. Partially because I’m dealing with extra weight and no stabilization. If you have time to set up with a tripod or monopod or use proper lighting this probably won’t be an issue for you, but for fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants hand-holding types like me, it can be more of a challenge.


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For greater magnification, choose a macro lens with a shorter focal length. Adding some extension to short focal length lenses will get you well beyond life size. The 180mm macros are good for skittish insects and with a teleconverter, provide you with a close focusing telephoto for ideal isolation of subject from its background.

Thank you to all that took the time to respond to my post. Much appreciated.