Macro paleo.... Or would that be "Paleo macro"?

I’m up to my neck in a book project including a mountain of closeup photography, and needed to test and adjust some new lighting equipment. I grabbed one of the treasured artifacts from my desk and set to work.

I thought folks would be interested in a close look at an ancient creature rather than one living today. Dunno much about it beyond liking and keeping it close at hand. This little guy isn’t much more than an inch long.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Nikon D7200 w/ Nikon 70-180 macro connected wirelessly to 3 strobes via a Nikon SU-800 strobe controller mounted on camera, lighting ratio unrecorded. It’s amazing to me that such fine bones and detail could be preserved through the millenia. Click on the image for a little closer view.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.
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Hank, truly excellent detail in this closeup as small as it is too. As you’ve stated and drew my immediate attention also, was & is the amazing detail of this embedded fossil skeleton. Wonderful stuff our natural world…:+1:

Beautiful specimen. The macro certainly brings out detail that would be hard to appreciate in the one inch fossil. Was this from the Green River Formation?

That’s my best guess, but I bought it from the table of a vendor at the Ft. Myers FL mineral show for a whopping $10. Lots of people milling around pondering more expensive purchases, so I didn’t have an opportunity for questions. I’m a lifetime fish freak, so it was a natural and welcome addition to my desk.

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One of my fishy friends has Identified it as Diplomystus dentatus, an extinct freshwater relative of herring, alewives and sardines. Easy to see the resemblance.


Thanks for sharing Hank.

This is way cool, Hank! Love it.

The small bones in this fossil are outstanding, Hank, which says a lot about the fossilizing conditions. I’ve long dreamed of a coffee table with some of these fossilized fish. This is a wonderful specimin that you are showing off very well.