Magnetic filter adapters

For those using magnetic filter sets, do you keep the adapters on your lenses at all times?
I recently bought a set and was planning on getting additional adapters for my other lenses only to find out additional adapters are custom orders?

Hi Daniel,
I have the Kase Wolverine 82mm filter system with the appropriate step up ring for each lens that I have. I leave them on all the time with a 82mm Kase lens cap attached. I have to say that it is nice not to have to fumble around anymore trying to thread a filter on. I do not know what filter system you have, but my adapters were not a special order. Hope that helps.

Hi Daniel,
Just like @Ed_Lowe, I also leave the adapter ring screwed on most of the time. But keep in mind when you are using a step-up ring you won’t be able to mount your lens hood.

Thanks! I figured, as having to mount the adapter every time would pretty much counter the entire benefit of the magnetic system.
I’m just an amateur, so didn’t want to spend a lot on filters (crazy figuring how much I spent on the lenses themselves), but got the neewer 5 in 1 set.
So anyone else cheating out and looking at neewer beware if you want additional adapters, they’re special order.

Thanks guys!