Magnolia Inner Detail

Taken with Canon 7D, F4.5, 1/125, ISO 200, 100-400 lens at 105mm

Nice “swoop and soar” lines and good tight focus on the inner parts. I’m seeing a small amount of noise in the midtones. Nothing serious, but easily corrected.

An extremely well composed image, Patricia. You placed everything perfectly for my taste. I do see the noise Phil mentioned, but that requires pixel peeping. Viewed at any reasonable distance, it’s invisible.

Patricia: I suspected this was yours from the thumbnail. Fine comp and a very pleasing color palette. Top notch.>=))>

Absolutely no nits from me, Patricia. The sculptural quality of the folds and the cool tonality are pure delight !

Yes, this is your Patricia. I love the delicate light contrasts where the shades create a tridimensionale feeling. Beautiful as usual.

I really like this magnolia portrait. The detail on the center is perfect and the softness towards the edges makes for a delightful effect. Very nice, soft portrait and no nits from me for sure!