Mallee Country, a place of dreams, sweat, sorrows and resilience

Murray-Sunset National Park is part of an Aboriginal cultural landscape that includes traditional Country of the Latji Latji, Ngintait and Nyeri Nyeri Peoples.
It is one of the last remaining semi-arid regions in the world where the environment remains relatively untouched.
When the rains come the wildflowers blossom. It is best in spring before it gets too hot. I was there at the start of Spring and there were wild flowers everywhere.

Specific Feedback Requested

I found it hard to settle on a composition. Am I showing too much, too busy, should I leave the sky out. Have I over saturated the image in PS. Should I sharpen the image with Tropaz.

Technical Details

Processed in LR and PS. ISO 100 F11 1/60sec canon 5d.

Hello David!

I think with this image, I think it comes down to the composition. Finding something in the scene for the eyes to rest on. You have some nice elements going on here with the dramatic sky, the scraggly branch in the foreground with the various plants and flowers surrounding it. Finding a way to bring all these elements together is key with this scene. As you mentioned, sometimes not including the sky could help, and with this scene, could keep the eye moving around with the various flowers and plants.

With the processing, I would keep an eye on the slight yellow color cast across the image. Cooling the scene down would give you more color separation. The bright white cloud in the center of the frame is blown out which my eye goes directly there because it’s the brightest area in the image, maybe fix that area?


Thanks David for your comments. All valid points. I have been enjoying all your comments across the board and have learnt a lot. I did a quick crop and it is better and remove yellow caste.


WOW! Huge difference! That helps!

DT…nods :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: