Mama mallard with ducklings


I saw two female mallards with ducklings this morning at the neighborhood lake. Both swam right past me as I sat on the boat dock. The above is the first brood I saw.

Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 640, f9, 1/1600s, hand held

Below is the second brood I saw.

ISO 640, f10, 1/1000s, hand held

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Very sweet photos. I need a neighborhood lake! I prefer the first, with the ducklings trailing. Exposure and techs look spot-on. Quick thinking on the aperture!

Wonderful captures Allen. I love them both, how can you not just adore these little ducklings. The details in the eyes and feathers are fantastic. You are so lucky to have this lake so close and full of life.

Sweet captures, both are nice images, however I prefer the second, as I like the ‘safety’ shown here by staying close to mum. It feels like it’s a little off leve though, my feel says a tiny bit of counter clockwise rotation. Cheers, Hans

Very cute. Good color, action, and capturing something we don’t always see at this stage. Even though I have lots of ducks in my area I see them mating all the time but I have yet to see anything but Canada goose chicks.

Both very nice. I’d go with the more intimate feel of the second shot.

I love these family photos, Allen! Nice light, nice detail and you can’t go wrong with ducklings :slight_smile: I like the second shot best as it has more detail in the ducklings and a more intimate, warm feeling.