Maple on Maple, another green world

Another Japanese maple in my neighborhood which is below a North American maple that is just
losing it leaves.
D800, 14mm, F11
Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is one awesome tree. The greens are a refreshing change from typical warm color palette, Your processing looks good. While the comp. works well, I could see experimenting with cropping off some of the brighter left side. I see the right half as the strongest portion of the image.

interesting shot @Dan_Kearl. That tree is quite phenomenal and I quite like the shot. It makes for an interesting aspect of autumn colours. Elaborating on what @Dave_Dillemuth said about cropping I would experiment with the crop with the aim of cutting out the dark red leaves in the upper left. I find that my eye trails toward them and are distracting from the main subject. I also feel that the red and oranges in the upper middle will be given more prominence by cropping them out.

I’m not sure if this is my monitor or not (so apologies if i got this one wrong), but in some of the highlighted areas there seems to be some blue aberrations as well as some fringing round the edges. I’m assuming this is a single exposure?


Wow, you mean you have more than 1 of these awesome trees? This is awesome! Very dynamic, almost mesmerizing and a real eye-popper.

When I opened the larger view I could see what Eugene was referring to. I would certainly consider cropping the dark mass of leaves from the UL. And similarly you could take some off the top to remove the bright area along the top, left of center. And to that regarding a handful of other red leaves, you could selectively reduce the red saturation to make them less of eye magnets. To me, it’s the expanse of the branches and the frame filling color that are so impactful - individual leaves shouldn’t take away from the overall impact. If that makes sense.

Wow, to have these trees in your neighborhood. Beautiful.


This tree moves and talks (down) to you - I absolutely love it!

I think it’s great as-is. The splashes of color integrated throughout the scene are awesome. The leaves on the left do pull at my eye a bit, but they also balance the strong trunk near the LRC. My eye travels comfortably left to right through the scene.

Amazing tree and great image of it. I would agree with Dave on the crop. I find the red leaves on the edge pull my eye there. That said, it still looks great as presented.

Dan, there’s a fine sense of an “explosion” of leaves and branches in this view. The scattered bits of color are a great addition. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Dan: what great twists and turns exhibited by these branches. For me, the branches are the subject of the photo, so I would consider cropping the bunches of red leaves long the left border and even some along the top. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable photo and make me wish I had on in my area. Richard

Really cool image Dan, very creative seeing on your part. I think a there is a second image hiding in here, a panoramic crop of just the bottom 405 of the image also provides a very differnet look.