Marbled Orbweaver

Saw this on a hike in a nearby woods several years ago.

Canon 7D, 300mm f4L IS, 1.4x TC

ISO 800, f9, 1/200s, hand held

Any comments appreciated.


Wow, Allen, what a find and great shot. At first sight, my initial thought was, he has the weight of the world on him, as the yellow sack or whatever it is, with it’s markings made me think of the globe. Not shape properly for that, but with the markings on it, I wanted to start identifying the continents. I don’t think I have ever seen one of these spiders, so I am amazed with it. Do you remember how big he was?

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Hi Shirley, I’d say the abdomen had a circumference about the size of a quarter. A medium sized spider. Thanks for the comment.

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Beautiful capture! What a treat with the marbled appearance. Great color to his thorax and legs. The lighting on his abdomen is striking. To my eye, the yellow is bright and I’d be tempted to burn it ever so slightly. Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

Allen: A great find and a superb capture. Terrific light and DOF control especially. Most excellent. >=))>

I really like the use of color here. The reds and yellows of the spider contrasted with the very muted greens of the background. Also love the counter balance of the roundness of the spider on the left and the lines of the web on the right, curving toward the subject. It all works well.

Allen, the details and colors in the spider stand out beautifully. Well seen and presented.

Allen …thats not an easy amount of dof to get. Love the composition here. Neat piece of work

Balan Vinod