Maroon Bells Milky Way

The night after I climbed my final Centennial I decided to revisit Crater Lake below the Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak for a night photo. The gap in the valley aligned perfectly with the Milky Way core in the early hours of the night, making this tired photographer a happy man.

:small_blue_diamond:ISO 10,000 :small_blue_diamond:f/2 :small_blue_diamond:30s :small_blue_diamond:single exposure; Sony A7r2, Laowa 15/f2


Really nice Matt! I really like the glow of the Milky Way and it’s position in the frame is just perfect.

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Thank you Tom! I totally lucked out on timing. I knew it lined up there at some time of the year since I’d shot it once before in 2012, so I feel lucky it worked out again! You should see this version compared to that one… yikes!

Matt, for a single exposure MW shot at ISO 10,000, this image is pretty clean and crisp, nice job on the processing and noise reduction. I love the repeated triangle shapes in your composition.

Thank you! I did some NR on the non-sky portion using an action a friend of mine sent me. It works pretty well. I also had to heal brush out some sensor hot spots hehe.

Yeah, whatever NR action you used on the land worked really well, it doesn’t look like an ISO 10,000 shot.

I can probably send it to you if you’re interested

Hey Matt, I wouldn’t mind trying out the action myself. I still shoot with a Canon 5DII and recently shot the Milky Way and Mars at ISO3200 and I’m really not happy with the noise.

Send me your email and I’ll get it to you

I like the perfect focus on this night image. The selected comp is also top notch. Especially that glowing fire off in the distance.

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What a great sight to hit the sack with, Matt. The action you used to reduce the noise worked beautifully for shooting at ISO 10,000. Do you mind sharing the action as I have started to do some MW shots and I am not happy with the noise in my images?

You bet! PM me your email