Marsh Harrier

A Marsh Harrier on a hunting spree, he managed to kill a Coot.
Thank you so much for your kind comments & views!

Any pertinent technical details: Canon 6D2; 500mm; 1.4X; ISO 640; 1/2500 sec. at F 5.6

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

@JRajput, a wonderful in flight photo of this Harrier…:+1:

A great pose and reasonably good detail in the Harrier, Jagdeep. There appears to be a slight sharpening fringe around the bird and I think it’s creating a bit of a “cut and paste” look to the image. Gorgeous background.

Good for the Harrier, Jagdeep. Seems you caught a nice flight pose of the bird. Before reading Dennis’ comment, my first impression was there was some sort of lighting mismatch between the bird and BG. Of course I could be completely wrong, but it just doesn’t seem quite natural.

Thanks for the comments, I had a re-look at the picture, actually it was photographed while sitting on the ground and due to winter close by bushes turned green where as far off ones turned blue.

Nice pose of this species ! It stands out really good from the background . Cheers, Hans

I like the flight pose in the detail in the bird but it does look a little unnatural with the background replaced.

Hi Jagdeep,

The light fringing is easy to fix with a rubber stamp tool with layer set to darken. Great pose…Jim