Meadow, Uinta Cache Wasatch National Forest

Salt Creek Trail, Utah

Canon 5D MK IV, 24-105mm @ 35mm. 1/160sec, f11, ISO 400

Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

A well exposed and colorful scene! Nice details in the dramatic sky. I think I would get rid of the tiny spot of blue sky, since the rest is nice and moody. I also would like to have just a bit more sky above the mountain, and a bit more breathing room for the bottom of the red leaved tree. Some dodging and burning could create some more depth in and distinction between all the bushes and trees? It’s beautiful to see such a mix of autumn colors together!

The mix of colors is very striking as is the drama in the sky. The red tree makes for an interesting foreground subject where it’s color separates it from the background.

Love those swirling clouds. Great scene that could probably only be shot at this time of year because the FG tree would likely get lost against the BG mountain. My only suggestion would be to clone out the spot of blue sky. It’s an eye magnet.


Its a well thought out composition. I like where you placed all the elements. A couple of things I’d like to point out. One, I might clone out the little bit of blue sky. It grabs my eye and holds it there not allowing me to enjoy the rest of the frame. The second thing, the FG tree produces a level of curiosity about what is behind it. It makes me want to run up and go around it to see what is on the other side. Just some thoughts.

Thank you for all of your comments. I agree that the bit of blue sky is distracting and I removed it from my original.