During my July/August South Africa trip, we finally visited Tswalu in the Kalahari. This location had been on my wish list for some time due to the possibility of seeing a number of smaller mammal species I haven’t spent much of time with (or seen at all). Though it proved challenging in many ways, one of the easier subjects to work with was the meerkats. On our first morning we spent time with a family that had some very young pups. Adorable, of course, and the red desert sand made for a nice backdrop.

Canon R6
Canon 100-500mm
ISO 400



Very sweet family portrait, Max. Nicely seen and captured.

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Looks like a proud parent looking lovingly down at the little ones! Beautiful family portrait!

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Excellent job on the exposure, detail, and really cute family scene. Meerkats are so cool. This image just jumps off the page!

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I love it. The communal family nature of the species comes across very well here. Crisp detail in all three! I’d like a tiny bit more room on the right if you’ve got it, but that’s jus tme.

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Thanks, everyone.

I’d like a tiny bit more room on the right if you’ve got it

Kris, this is absolutely understandable. I’d like a bit more room there as well, but I had to choose between the slightly tighter crop on that side and allowing a sliver of light background to peek through in the top right corner if I had kept it looser. If I were someone who has no trouble cloning out distractions, obviously I could’ve filled that corner in with more red, but I try to keep things as they appeared in the original scene.

Great techs and beautiful moment!
I’m not a fan of square comps but this one works well! :love_you_gesture:

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This is a great family portrait, Max! Love the poses and expressions and it has great detail and colors. Very nicely captured and I think the square crop is an excellent choice for this scene.

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