Metlako Falls

This is a scene that is no more. Between the huge landslide and the subsequent forest fire that raged through the gorge, with its source of ignition very near this scene, this view will never be seen again.

As landscape photographers we are also documentarians of nature. Many of the scenes that we photograph are fragile and could change or be completely gone with no notice.

Although these beautiful scenes seem permanent, we always should be aware of their fragility.

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Such a fantastic scene with the light beams coming through the fog, glad you’re here Gary!


Gorgeous Gary!

I have a couple images that have such greater meaning because the scenes no longer exist. (none as wonderful as this, but meaningful just the same.) For me, it gives clear meaning to the phrase, “… a moment in time…”

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Beautiful work Gary! I really like the light you’ve captured here and your composition and colours are outstanding!

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What a huge loss. The light could hardly be any better for this scene.

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Beautiful subject and light, Gary! Breaks my heart that it burned. I have only been there once but it was easily one of the coolest trails I have ever hiked and the waterfalls and forest were breathtaking.

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The light and mood in this scene is absolutely superb, Gary. Unfortunately I have never been to this area, so the breathtaking beauty will just have to live on in outstanding images such as this.

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@David_Kingham - I’m glad to be here with my peers. In the past I’ve been a bit insecure about participating in forums with so many skilled photographers. :wink: I hope that I can contribute to the community in some positive way. Thank you.

@Lon_Overacker - My wife and I were just comparing her photos of glaciers in the Harriman Fjord in Alaska taken ten years prior to the photos that we took there last week to see the difference. As landscape photographers we’re more documentarians than we realize. Thank you Lon. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tom_Nevesely - Thank you Tom. I appreciate your kind comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Kah-Kit_Yoong - Hi Kah. It’s a terrible loss to me as I grew up walking the trails in the gorge. I’m so thankful to have been a photographer prior to the changes that have happened there. The light at this spot was so predictable. I was usually sure to get something nice if I showed up mid morning.

@Phillip_Noll - Hey Phil. Thanks bud!! The Eagle Creek Trail were, hands down, my favorite trail in Oregon. It hurts to have it gone and when it opens, I know that I’ll not find consolation in its regrowth. :cry:

@Ed_Lowe - Hello Ed. I’m fortunate to be a licensed guide in the amazing Columbia River Gorge and a lifelong resident. It’s my domain. I feel thankful that I have had a lifetime of adventure there. I’m thankful that I was able to get photos of the area prior to its destruction. Thank you.

Spectacular imaging, Randal. Everything came together here for perfection and you took care of the rest. Excellent work.

Paradise lost. I wish I had seen it in all of it’s glory. They say the viewpoint collapsed due to mudslides after the fire. Beautiful image of a beautiful place.

This is beautiful work! The mood is absolutely wonderful.

@Jeffrey_Sipress Thank you Jeffrey. I appreciate that.

@Igor_Doncov There was a slide prior to the fire. The shelf that we would stand on to get this view fell off. Since then even more slides have happened there and at Punchbowl Falls. :frowning: I feel fortunate to have explored the gorge extensively most all of my life.

@Nick_Bristol I used to love the light at this spot early in the day. Even on a clear day a mist could riseup from the falls to give this scene. I’ll miss it sorely. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Gary, excellent job of creating a soft, warm ethereal feeling in this image. Living on the east coast, I regret that I only visited this location once, after the viewpoint slide but before the fire. I hope that time will help restore the Gorge, but what a foolish tragedy that led to the fire.

You have perfectly captured the beauty of the falls. I feel so fortunate to have visited before the fire. So sad that this will not recover in our lifetime.

@Ed_McGuirk I try to console myself with the thought that even after the fire the gorge will be beautiful but just in a different way. Foolishness is the only way to describe the source of this destruction. :frowning:

@Bill_Pelzmann The last fire to sweep through this area was 100 years+ ago. In the scope of time the gorge had just recovered from it. The Yacolt Burn was devastating, and human caused as well. :frowning:

Just a wonderful image, Gary. The light and color could not be better.

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Thank you Preston. I appreciate your kind comment. Some would call it harsh. The occasional whisp of mist didn’t hurt. :grin: