Michigan Dunes

This was taken at a park along Lake Michigan. I was drawn to the grasses breaking across the horizon, the sweeping hill, and the lone “different” grass. It was a pretty flat gray day so I tried to keep the contrast low across the image and really play on that kind of gloomy look. I tried to avoid having too much sand in the foreground as it has tons of footprints in it, I also tried to reduce the contrast there to keep the eye from getting hung up on them.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything and everything!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Nicely done, David. I like the minimalist feel to it and am glad you included the outlier bit of grass. For me at least, your processing works quite well in keeping the scene a bit somber and lonely. I just enjoy getting lost in it.

I love this! The colors are great, as is the gentle tonality. The fringe of the grass tops is quite interesting, and of course, the different clump makes it. I could see cropping a bit off the right, so the different clump was a bit closer to the edge of the frame. The amount of space to its right feels sort of indeterminate to me. Oh, and you did a great job on hiding the footprints - that’s always a challenge.

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Nice minimalist image David. I think part of the reason it works so well is because the sky is not flat but has some faint texture. And that amount of texture is right for this type of image. I like the composition as it is.

@linda_mellor thank you! The goal was to keep in a bit more of a blue tones area, which is odd with sand, but it seems to have worked out.

@Bonnie_Lampley I will look at a bit of a crop on the right, I liked the subtle sweeping hill and don’t really want to use that. I could end up placing that grass on the rule of thirds line, which I tend not to think about much when I’m out but maybe would be more visually appealing. I guess I will have to way the option.

Thanks @Igor_Doncov I did some subtle burning to bring out the faint texture that was there. I didn’t want to lighten the image any so I went that route, also gave me the chance to create a bit of a hand painted vignette to keep they eye from wandering out the top.

This is really, really nice David. It’s an understated image that speaks volumes. I agree with @Igor_Doncov that the slight texture in the sky is a big plus to this image. And I like how you kept the blues in the sky very undersaturated, it allows the greens of the grass to step forward more. Excellent work on the processing of this image.

I initially thought a crop from the right might help by putting that cluster more off-center. But I changed my mind because I like the dip in the horizon line on the right, and you would lose some of that wiht a crop from the right. I’d leave this as presented.

This is very nice David.
Nice, simple and quiet.