Middle North Falls

Another winter waterfall in Silver Falls state park, Oregon.
This one does not get much attention compared to others in the park (there are 9 big waterfalls),
because it only really runs big in the winter when the crowds and the summer foliage is gone.
.8 sec. iso200, f16, 20mm
Any comments appreciated

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This is really nice, Dan. I love the colors of winter in this scene. I might tone down the flourescent greens LRC, but minor. Thanks for sharing this look at this falls.

Excellent, Dan. The soft light really brings the greens out. Before even seeing Harley’s comment I had the same thought on the green moss in the LRC.

The soft lighting is wonderful; perfect for showcasing all the varying shades of green in this lovely scene, with the added bonus of no crowds. Beautifully done.

This turned out very nice, Dan. Everything seems perfect to me. I like how the detail in the trees contrasts with the smooth water in the falls.

This is delightful, Dan. I love all the lush gold/greens mixed in with the rest of this scene. Exposure and shutter speed look great. Just curious, that spot behind the falls looks to be a nice shelter.

Really nice image Dan, the flow of water looks great at your shutter speed. I get a chuckle out of this being winter, where I live it only looks this green for 4 or 5 months a year…


This is quite beautiful. I’m really enjoying the colors and overall processing here - with the exception of the already mentioned neons in the LRC. I know there’s a whole different degree of colors in your neck of the woods, but at a minimum the eye gets drawn to that corner. Other than that - gorgeous.


Dan, this is really a beautiful scene and the processing looks like it was handled perfectly. Hard to believe these falls get less attention than the others. Thanks for sharing.

I’m really intrigued by seeing through the water here.

The colors are really well done.

Lovely peaceful scene. Processing looks great. Print it large!