Midsummer's Dream

What could be more refreshing than a glacier fed stream tumbling down a mountainside? With summer coming to end, I thought it about time I process this image taken in July. With a light mountain rain in Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park, this scene just glowed with rich colors. It was also a real treat finding some robust ferns to mix in with the native wildflowers.


Nicely done, Kenneth. Really like the colors contrasting with the rocks.

Thanks, David. That crazy pattern in the rock in the background was certainly unique.

Mmmm, crisp and clean. Makes me thirsty! I want to fill my water bottle and take a long drink (after purifying , of course). :slight_smile: Nice work, @Ken_Henke!

Appreciate the comment, Scott!

Beautiful color and color contrast between the plants the rocks and the water. Terrific use of diagonals. Excellent shutter speed selection for the water. It makes me feel as if I am in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Yea, I was really hoping the diagonal comp would be effective. It definitely adds some character and uniqueness to an otherwise simple “purdy” snapshot. Thanks for the comment!

Ken, for a relatively simple composition, this one has some nice impact. The contrasting textures in the rocks and vegetation work very well together, creating a nice sense of depth.

Well stated, Ed, and I appreciate your comments. I really enjoy snapping these “micro” landscapes. Typically, I don’t look for multiple items of interest in such shots, but I couldn’t resist what this scene offered.