Milky Way from Little Hunters Beach

I have to say that this particular night was very exhilarating. Here I was; all alone in the dark; photographing the MW while listening to the cobble stones move about with the outgoing tide. I had previously checked my Photo Pills app and thought that this would be a perfect location to catch the MW. This still needs a little work as I have just started to do some night photography, but I am relatively pleased with the result so far.

Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 17 mm, f 2.8 @ 30 secs, ISO 3200

Ed, that is an impressive look here at the Milky Way. Astro work is totally out of my wheelhouse shooting film and best suited for the digital world of shooters like yourself. I would assume the two lights down on the deck of the horizon might be boats?..but again I’m not too sure about that. I’m really enjoying the intensity and clarity of the entire array here. I do also like how you’ve used the sideline landmasses to guide us into the scene. Nice work as always…:sunglasses:

What a cool Milky Way shot you captured, Ed. One amazing sky that is beautiful to look at. Had to be great just being there for this. I see scenes like this when I’m on a quiet north woods lake but have never photographed it. This makes me want to give it a try.

Thanks for the kind words Paul and Nick., always appreciated.
Paul: The light on the left is a boat and the one on the right is Baker Island Lighthouse.
Nick: You should give it a try; I bet you have some nice dark skies in the north woods.

Ed, really nice job with this Milky Way. Little Hunters is a great place to do night photography. I think the bright object low to the horizon on the left is Mars. I especially like how you got Mars reflecting in the water too, that came out really nice. The semi-panoramic presentation works well with the composition that you have.

I’m heading up to Acadia this weekend, and hope to get some Milky Way shots as well.

Thanks for your thoughts Ed, always appreciated. You are right about Mars over on the left. The reflection was one of the things I liked about the image. I have another version with Jupiter high in the sky on the right that compliments Mars.