Monarchs on a Butterfly Bush

For the last two weeks, my butterfly garden has been inundated with a variety of butterflies and a plethora of bees. These are Monarchs.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
F/8, D500, 200-50 @500, 1/1250, ISO 800

Top, bottom and side views - not bad for one plant! We call the buddleia the butterfly bush. Is this an orange buddleia?

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I am not sure. The plant was given to me by a neighbor who swore it would attract butterflies, and she was right.

A little feeding frenzy! Nice. Most of our butterflies are gone. I saw one flapping around yesterday, but don’t know what it was. Probably an over-winterer. A few moths still fluttering, too, but not for long. Nice that southerners can still share what they have.

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It turned cold last Friday and now, like you up north, ours too have gone south to warmer climes.

Chris, what a nice cluster of Monarchs! I have managed in times past to capture a photo of two on one flower, but never three, so this is impressive. Almost like a flower bloom of butterflies the way they are grouped together. Sorry to hear that they have left your area too.

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