Monopod head suggestions?

I’m tired of dragging a tripod around when I very rarely use it.
Have a good Manfrotto monopod -
I’d like some suggestions, please, on a good monopod head for it.
Thanks -


I just noticed this old post, Sandy. How heavy a rig are you thinking of attaching? Jobu Designs makes a lighter weight gimbal head for monopods that I’ve used. Instead of a panning axis in the head, you just rotate the monopod. It works pretty well, but it’s not rated for your 600 mm.

I’m not using it because I find a monopod inconvenient in a lot of situations, so if you want to try it out, let me know and I’ll dig it out.

That’s a huge consideration. In fact I can’t tell you where either of mine are at the moment.

But that’s because I’m prone to using my lightweight tripod as a “monopod” with one, two or all three legs extended but squeezed together. My wife tried hers that way and wan’t happy until I affixed a simple Velcro strap she could use to keep the legs from spreading at inopportune moments.

Thanks, Dennis. After dragging around my full-height tripod all through alaska and during 2 months in Australia, I think I actually used it 4 times. Once was at an Australian waterfall, and the grid holes in the platform to view the falls let the legs slip through, so it was useless.
Charlie Van T used only a monopod in Alaska, and I’m going to start using mine, and hopefully leaving the tripod at home. That also means leaving the big, heavy WH200 gimbal head at home, as much as I love it.
My largest lens now is the Nikon 180-400 with integrated 1.4xTC and I love it. No more 500 or 600’s. The weight on the D850 is slightly less than the camera+500mm.
which model do you have?
Is there a possibility that you might sell it or is this a kinp offer to borrow it for s few weeks?

Have you tried their Sidekick, Sandy? I brought one with me to Florida and have since used it with my light travel tripod and ball head. With the legs clasped together the combo actually makes a pretty credible monopod/head. I originally planned to bring a monopod, but after forgetting to do so, resorted to the combo. It works well enough that I no longer feel the need for a monopod, as I meanwhile have a tripod in the bargain. It was REALLY handy while moving between bright tropical sun and deep tropical shadows inthe Everglades. Side benefit for me, I’m tall and the travel tripod is not. No need for me to raise the center column with the Sidekick in place. Dollars to donuts I’ll continue using it back home in Alaska.

Thanks, Hank - something to consider, for sure.
Part of my goal, though, is to NOT drag around the tripod, for weight reasons. The weight restrictions on International travel for photographers with big glass are very difficult. In the field, (2) D850’s, the 180-400, one macro lens and one all-purpose 18-200, plus camera bag, tripod/monopd, etc are nearly 30# . Too much for any hiking or long walks, (for these old knees) and I’m trying to preserve Jim’s back (and enthusiasm) as well as humanly possible.
The camera/lens/battery pack, lens foot, etc just for the 180-400 combo is 13#

Before moving too far away from tripods, take a look at the Gitzo GT1542 Mountaineer Series 1 as an alternative to a monopod (while folded) but very capable as a tripod. It’s rated to 22# and is a phenom for its small size. It tips the scale at a scant 2.8# and collapses down to only 22.3". Though we have tripods coming out our ears, my wife and I have both become seriously hooked on ours. We travel a lot and value it greatly for convenience, yet it’s so useful and steady we use it at home to the exclusion of lots of “better” models sitting next to them on the shelf. We’re each carrying Nikon’s 200-500 f5.6 (5#) on the road. At home it has no problems with my Nikon 500 f/4. Match it with a tiny RRS ballhead and add the Sidekick, and all is very good for weight, size and function.

Hi Sandy. It’s an early model Jobu Jr. The newer ones seem to have a panning axis added. I’d be willing to sell it, if you find it useful. I haven’t used it in some time. Send me your shipping address and I’ll be happy to let you try it out.


Thanks, friend!
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Sandy, I haven’t tried it, but the Sirui L-10 head gets solid reviews. It supports up to 33 pounds.

I’m still comfortable carrying my tripod around, but I fully understand the desire for this. And I’ve had clients that have pulled off shots nobody else could get because they planted the monopod and fired before a subject moved, while the rest of us with tripods were still setting up. There are definitely advantages beyond just the weight.