Monstrous big cartoon conversation icons

Just my personal opinion, but I don’t care for these. Maybe if they were about 1/10th the size, but even then I’d rather see a thumbnail of the image under discussion with maybe a tiny symbol in one corner.

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Wouldn’t hurt to expand the font for older eyes while you’re at it! :wink:

Agree @Dennis_Plank. Not sure the reasoning or what it’s supposed to indicate. I get the icon is a “conversation”, but quite a bit oversized and doesn’t fit the general layout of the site, IMHO.


Thanks for the feedback Dennis, I added these because discussion topics were getting lost in the ‘Latest’ view because there was no image. These should not have been showing up in the suggested topics so I have turned that off since it has been really hit or miss if images show up there. So now the only place you should see these are on the Latest page on the main home page, like this:

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You can change the text size in your preferences: :wink: