Moonbow at VF

Fortunate to be at the right time and at the right place during the Full moon at Victoria Falls

Specific Feedback Requested

Processing the mist from the fals - a necessity of course for the rainbows

Technical Details

2 secs - ISO 3200 - f 2.8


Wow! What an amazing natural phenomenon to capture. Great shot.

Karl, that is a sensational image. Wow. Lovely.

Dreamy shot! Not something you see every day. Actually not something you see any day:) I love the soft diffuse light, especially around the falls. This would probably also work well with a square crop of the right side.


Definitely one of those “once in a lifetime” moments and congrats for being there to witness and capture.

Getting this at night under the full moon and being able to include some stars makes this even more special.

My only suggestion would be to run this thru some sort of noise reducing filter or sw. Noise isn’t bad, but I think keeps it from being enlarged for a nice print.


More than the double bows is the dreamy appearance of the falls. Wow!! I’m with @AndreDonawa about a potential square crop. The left side of the image isn’t doing much for me as all of the action is on the right side and the fog suddenly stops after rising up along the cliff face. I also agree with @Lon_Overacker about running this through noise reduction software in case you want to print this one BIG!
Question, were you walled off from getting closer to the edge and maybe eliminating the foreground grasses? Terrific shot. Wish I had been there to see this.

Thanks @AndreDonawa , @David_Haynes , @David_Bostock , @Lon_Overacker and @Cameron_Wilcox

One thing that has troubled me is whether to treat this as a day or a night image. Given that this was moonlight at night, i decided to process this slightly differently

I did crop a bit off the left - but am not a fan of square crops unless the subject matter is symmetrical

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Yes, one has to stay on a path - too risky getting closer - i would have like more of the fall itself - perhaps I have one

Amazing moment, Karl. I prefer your rework as it illuminates the bows and stars better while also removing the less interesting left hand bit. The mist below the bow is now also more eerie and evocative to my eye. Lucky you to see this and capture it so well.

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I think the edit emphasizes the fact that it is a moonbow and the otherworldly feel to the shot.

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