Moonlight Over the Gulf of Mexico

What can I say, I took some liberties…

Technical Details

Composite: No
No clue as data was lost in the hurricane, but suspect d800, f/7.1, 1/250, ISO 400

Love it! I see that you put the horizon on the thirds :+1: however I think this a good one to break that rule and make it more of an Anchoring placement because I think the Negative Space is more powerful of an element here.

Here’s my tweak so let me know what you think. I cropped it from the bottom up until I got to the relection and then gave the reflection some margin from the bottom of the frame. (I also cloned out the dark wave as I personally found it distracting instead of enhacning the image). I left in where the Bottom Third line is for you to see the difference in placement.

Oddly enough, I am not sure I like it, but not sure I unlike it…I shall have to sit on it awahile.

Lovely image!! I think @Michael_Torkildsen has an interesting take and I like what he did to the water. But I wonder if his idea of lowering the horizon could be accomplished by adding more canvas above the moon? My first thought was that it was a bit uncomfortably high in the frame for me. Maybe a combination of both.

Then you have a really long photo…it was really done as a play on the colors more than a hang on the waller…I didn’t add or subtract any length, just dinked about with the colors. I do appreciate everyone’s input, but I think I’ll leave it as is…though Michael’s take did have some merit I may look into on a rainy day.

Chris, this is a good looking moon shot. My two cents is that the moon is a bit underexposed and the water a bit overexposed, but handling the brightness issues are why moon shots are challenging.

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Chris, I partially agree with Mark in that the moon is a bit under exposed but I think the water is too. With a full moon like that I would expect a much brighter glade on the water.

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The whole scene was underexposed by close to a stop, not on purpose but because I had forgotten to change a setting on the camera…and then of course, in PS I took more than one liberty with processing to brighten as much as I could get away with, play with the color balance and generally jut dink about. It was never meant to be a wall hanger, only in this instance because I didn’t have that many moon shots, to fill that void. I agree fully with all the comments and at some point will play with it some more.