Moonrise & Sunset over Emigrant Peak

While cooking dinner, I saw this scene with some late light on Emigrant Peak and the rising moon positioned nicely above the peak. Dinner had to wait a bit… (5D3, 100-400 @ 148, 1/25 s, f/16, iso 800 tripod)



This was definitely worth a late dinner. Wonderful light, positioning of the moon and proportions make this a clean and pleasing image. I also like the hint of clouds at twilight.

I have to get back to Paradise Valley Montana, it’s been too long since my last visit.

I like this Mark, the cool sky contrasting with the warm alpen glow sits nicely with the moon. You’ve already got a decent amount of snow out there for this time of year.

Very nice alpen glow and a good moon shot.

Nice! The moon is a sweet bonus. It rises so early this time of year. The highlights in the snow look a little dull to me, but the color is lovely.

Good call on dinner!! What a gorgeous scene! I love it when the brightness of the moon is well balanced by the FG, and you got dramatic sunset light here. Worth a try to pull out a bit more detail in the snow.

Wow, this really nice Mark. I like your processing on this image, I think you nailed just the right level of luminosity in the alpenglow and the sky. Both the moon and the alpenglow really pop as a result, This image has a nice mood to it, and I’m enjoying it very much.