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Nature is sparse in my tiny, densely populated country. What is left over is usually heavily managed, sometimes to preserve remaining small spots, sometimes to remove invasive species, sometimes governed by trends.
This image shows a leftover of a once vaste moorland. The original heather has disappeared almost completely, moor grass (Molinia caerulea) has taken over. For us, this is a “grand landscape” :grinning:
The photo was made using a hard NG filter. The local contrast was enhance a little bit in SNS-HDR, using the tone-mapping feature of this HDR application.
Pentax K5, 16-45mm @16mm, ISO400, f/13, 1/60sec.

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You’ve captured the spirit of the vast moorland. Well done, It’s a beautiful scene.

Lovely details and textures in the FG moor grass and the drama in the sky finishes this off nicely, Han. Beautiful image.

I particularly like the detail and soft light on the grasses and the subtle reflection on the water. The image has a strong sense of “place”.

I like the warm glow on the grasses Han. There is also a nice sense of motion with the grasses bending in the wind.

Han, this goes to show what you can do with pockets of nature, even in densely populated areas. This image is successful in creating a sense of wide-open spaces, nicely done. I love the warm autumn colors in the grasses, they create a nice contrast against the sky.

Thanks to all of you, for your kind comments.