Moose in the Tetons

Nikon D500 with Nikon 200-500. F5.6 1/800 ISO 400.
Found this moose last month in the Tetons. She was interested in what i was doing so she gave me some nice looks while in a perfect location in great light.

Comments and critiques appreciated. Always trying to improve.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Hi Andrew!

Great setting and curious subject makes an interesting image !
If you like, you may increase the saturation of water and if some more foreground is available, it would be interesting to see oof grasses all over the bottom line.

What a beautiful setting to find her in. Nice colors and pose. I might try lightening her up just a bit but this is a pretty photo.

Andrew - This is really nice!
To be even better, you might consider:
-moving Ms Moose a little off-center

  • darkening the waters, as Jagdeep suggested
  • using the Viveeza program, if you havre it, so increase detail and structure in the moose.
  • Another trick is to take a couple light swipes with the “Dodge” tool across the body - this will bring out details in an easier way.
    Great find!

Sandy, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Always trying to learn. You are a great member of the NPN community from the old days.