More home garden

Bad weather , rain, corona it all kept us at home. But now there is time to discover my own garden in spring.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Really nice work here Ben. I like the balanced composition, and your choice of aspect ratio. The brown branches in the center top had the potential to be a distraction. But the green wall in the ULC, and the sunlit leaves in the URC are so appealing that my eye goes to them, and I tune out the branches as a result. My only suggested tweak would be to very slightly burn the LRC, and maybe a strip along the very bottom edge, if you wanted more emphasis on the flowers.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Ed. Btw, this was from the same corner as the mysterious Escher one.

This is lovely, very soft, very moody.
Beautiful light.
On the other side the background branches on the ULC are way to present.

At least on this one I can tell the difference between up and down… :smile: