Morning Embrace

I was initially inspired by a shot taken here by Marc Adamus some time ago and have revisited this spot more than a half dozen times trying to get the right conditions. This is probably my favorite take so far.

5DSR, Canon 70-200 f/4 IS L

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Beautiful, Dave. Great light, color and scene. Nice to see some snow in the Sierra, too. Especially in this image.

This is indeed gorgeous, and the natural, not-overdone processing makes it even more so.

It is absolutely wonderful when alpenglow colors hit a snowy peak. This image gives a very strong and powerful impression. Great job!

This is a gorgeous piece of work, Dave. There is just something about a fresh snowfall that seems to elicit a sense of purity and cleansing to our surroundings and that alpine glow on the peak is outstanding as are those swirling clouds. Your patience paid off!

Love this! What a beautiful scene in wonderful conditions and you nailed it!!

I thought of Marc’s shot when I saw this…just because of the location, which I don’t see all that often. I really like this. The touch of pink is the icing on the cake.

I love the delicate pastel colors in this image, beautiful job with the processing on this one Dave.

Lovely image.