Morning Glow in the Woods

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This is a picture I made during last falls photo trip in Upper Michigan. I shot the picture when the early morning light was coming in and filtered through the rising fog off of Forest Lake. It was an absolutely wonderful morning and I had a great time making a couple of images that I have really enjoyed and think about often. Just got this file ready for a new metal print and thought I would post it here as well.
The picture was shot with a Canon 5DMK4, 16-35 F/4 L @35, ISO 50, F/16 at 1 sec. One exposure.

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Such a beautiful scene well photographed. You handled the challenging light very well… Good work, Nick.

I think I remember this image. There was a light area on the left that people remarked on. I never thought it was a problem then but it looks as though you cropped it out. The light is wonderful here.

The lighting in this scene is just magical, Nick. It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. You could market this as something uplifting and inspirational. Gorgeous image!

Igor, You are right. This one is a little tighter crop and a bit different processing as well. I didn’t mind the lighter left side of the other one either. I got this file ready for a metal print this week and decided to post it here as well. Thank You!

Jeffrey and Ed, Thanks guys! Doing a new metal print with this now and looking forward to seeing it.

Nick, I love the sense of depth you created here with your composition, it allows the viewer to gaze into the depths of this forest, and see that lovely warm light in the background. Your use of light and shadow here is masterful, the light hitting the left sides of the trees is gorgeous.

Gorgeous, Nick. Wonderful light masterfully handled!

Ed and Dave, Thanks so much guys! I’m really glad you like it and appreciate your thoughts on it. Cheers!

Nick, Morning Glow is a perfect description of this shot. The details in the forest, fading into the glowing distance look great. This will be outstanding as a metal print.

The light is so nice, well done! I find forest scenes to be so challenging to take photos of but you did a great job making a cohesive composition here. The UP is such a magical place and I’m glad to see some photos from there.

Mark and Brent, Thanks so much guys! Appreciate the kind words!

Brent, Thanks! I will be heading back to the UP at the end of this week. Hope to find some nice colors and very much looking forward to it. I will be farther east in the UP to start with and then work my way west towards the Porcupines. Maybe we will meet up one of these days. Cheers, Nick

I had plans to go to the UP at the end of next week too but unfortunately they fell through. The following week I’ll go camping in northern WI with some friends so hopefully there’ll be nice color up there.

I’d love to meet up both with you and the U.P. again. Good luck up there!

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Enchanted, magical… pick your dreamy adjective. Love this.


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Thanks Lon! So glad you like it. Cheers!