Morning Glow

Summer morning in Sydney with soft light. I’m now Vancouver based so this is a bit of a reminiscing image for me. Reminding me of the warmer humid weather.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

f11 1s iso 125 22mm

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This is nice and very calming. Great leading line with the foam and I would consider cropping 1/2 to 2/3 of the sky to give more emphasis to this element. I also like the warm/cool thing going on.


What a lovely and inviting seascape; makes me want to be there. Processing and colors look spot on to me. The warm sand contrasting with the pretty blues in the sky work beautifully too. I could see a crop working, but really, with those light clouds up top and the pretty blue, I’m really enjoying this as presented.

Maybe an illusion? But does this need to be rotated cw a smidge? Maybe it’s just me.


A nice and soft minimalistic seascape. The sand is beautiful. I really like the exposure time you’ve used for the water here. I played a bit with the snipping tool and do enjoy cropping some of the sky.

Lon you’re right. Well picked up thanks! The horizon is about half a degree off level.

@Harley_Goldman and @Ron_Jansen I’ll experiment with different crops and post the result. Thanks for the idea.

@alan2 Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the network. Can you please elaborate on the image being too blue? An Average blur of the image gives a hue of 250 with a saturation of 4 and brightness of 55%. That is a mid grey colour. Further context would be appreciated.

This seascape has a lovely inviting mood to it, Nathan. The warm and cool tones in the scene work beautifully together along with the diagonals of the surf. My only suggestion would be a crop of about 1/3 of the sky; just a personal preference as this is wonderful as is. Beautifully done!

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Nathan, the long view of the surf works very well here. The modest amount of far ridge and gently inviting colors in the sky make this a very inviting and relaxing “you are here” view. I’d hang this and enjoy the mood on a regular basis.

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The pastel here works really really well. One of those calm, beautiful morning, I say. Welcome to the North America, Nathan!

Thanks Adhika!

I’m missing the beaches but now I have mountains to play in.

Hey Alan,

Average blur is a blur option in photoshop. Is blurs the whole image to one colour which you can sample with the eye dropper tool. It allows a mechanism to establish if there are any casts without having to rely on ones eye or monitor.

Thanks for your opinion on the white balance. I like cool to warm transitions in my images where the cool and the warm balance each other. For me the warm light and the warm sand balance the cooler hues.

However I’ll be revisiting this image to create a more dynamic crop. I’d be interested whether you still perceive the image to be too cool when a portion of the sky has been cropped

Nathan, there are two things that are very appealing to me in this image, the strong diagonal of the surf, and the wonderful warm / cool contrast. My initial reaction was to crop 1/3 of the sky. But I think you make a very astute observation that a sky crop would significantly reduce the warm / cool contrast. And I think trying to further cool the sky just above the cliffs would look unnatural. In the end, I like it as originally presented, it maintains both things as strong elements.