Morning Reflections

What technical feedback would you like if any? There are some small distracting elements such as the small tree just to the right of the main tree, and its reflection. How much do these elements take away from the image.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Welcome aboard, Larry and fine first post. I believe I know where this tree resides. I don’t find the top of the other tree all that distracting, but it would be a simple matter to clone it out if it bothers you. This is a real nice simple scene, with clean lines and a great reflection. Well done.

I really like this image. It’s my favorite color Palette- Blue and Orange and just feels perfect to me. I don’t know that I’d make any adjustments except for one. There’s a small dark spot on the far right part of the image that sort of draws my eye away from the scene. Looks like a crack or something, and I’d probably clone it out.

Great work, this is one to be proud of!

A lovely reflection image, Larry. A very serene feel. I don’t find the tip of the other tree distracting.

I also don’t find that other tree distracting. In fact, I hardly even notice it. Like Dan, I also like the Blue/Cool and Orange/Warm colour combination.

Larry, nice post here. Great color palette, textures and light. I would probably clone that treetop, however, I didn’t even notice it until I read the first comment, so it’s certainly not a big problem for me.

I don’t know if you worked other compositions from this place, but I see a 4x5 crop that I think simplifies the comp and puts even more focus on the tree. Personally, I like having the land/sky line sloping down to the tree from both frame edges, instead of away from it on the right. Also, there’s a dust bunny in the water right of the tree reflection.

I’m really liking all the desert primary colors and the near perfect vertical symmetry of it. The shaded parts at the waterline are very intriguing. If mine I would do away with the tiny bit of the second tree and reflection. Bluebird skies are sometimes undesirable for many, but they are a pleasing contrast to the landscape and have a beautiful gradient. Nice presentation.

Beautiful image that draws from it’s simplicity and color.

I think the image is fantastic and portfolio worthy.

If I was being super nit picky I would have maybe captured the sky just a wee bit darker so you could play a bit more with the sky brightness and color depth. But like i said, I think that may be too nit picky and maybe not even better or even that possible.

Anyways, great stuff!

Really nice first post Larry, this is a very engaging image. Don’t overthink the minor distractions like the second tree, I never would have noticed it without your mention. I like the clean, crisp simplicity of your original post, the composition and processing look very good to me. The shadow on the left looks like a submarine riding on the pool of water, which is a nice touch. While it has a very different feeling, I also like the crop suggested by @Craig_Moreau. These two takes on this location do a great job of showing the value of working a scene in depth and trying different compositions.

I never noticed the submarine shape until you pointed it out. Thank you,

A fantastic take from this location. It is also very nice (and refreshing) to see a tree being featured in this landscape.

The light, contrast, and composition look good. It looks like you caught some nice warm color on these rocks. The perfect mirrored reflection does make it seem a bit static, I think, but sort of in a abstract-wannabe sort of way. I’d give in to this image’s abstract potential and maybe try it in monochrome. That would seem to potentially enhance the abstract qualities. Played with it below.

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I’ve really gotten into monochrome in landscapes for the reasons you demonstrate in this one. I used to think of monochrome as a version of the colour image but as I work with it I’m beginning to see more and more that it becomes a completely different picture expressing an entirely different vision. Because of the reasons you’ve outlined - the abstract potential and strong graphic lines - this image shifts into a whole other gear in B&W.

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Larry, Welcome to NPN! Awesome first post here in Landscape Critique gallery.

Great choice, and well suited for the pano format; especially that “rocket ship” shadow on the midline… :wink:

Colors and processing in general look pretty spot on to me. I’m not bothered at all with the tree top peeking over the top of the rock, although I suppose easy enough to clone away. Minor nits - there ar a vew black spots in the water/reflection you could remove as well.

Otherwise, no other suggestions. This is quite excellent


Thank you