Motherly dragon fly and frog

Posted purely for subject content and not for photo quality.

I was busy shooting this dragon and did not see what was going on. If you look closely you can see where she is dipping her tail in the water but then she very quickly flies forward and the water splashes onto the log. She did this over and over etc.

I did not even see the water splash which you can see in the photo between her and the log. I only assumed she was keeping the eggs wet. I assume this is a regular thing they do?

Another surprise found during PP is the frog sitting on the log in the bottom right corner of the photo. He is SMALLER than the dragon fly! Never saw him until now!

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

I’m not sure which one was used but I am sure the lens had a tele-extender which increases focal length BUT MAINTAINS minimum focus distance.

Nikon D7100
Nikon 200-500 at 440mm
f8 1/5000 iso 800

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Greg, this flicking of water drops up onto pondside vegetation is indeed a standard egg laying behavior for some dragonfly species like this Common Whitetail, Jim Z may be able to offer more explanation. Catching the splash and the distortion of the water surface are great bonuses. (Your meta data should tell you if you had a TE attached, with the focal length of the combination being what is reported, e.g. 440mm)

Wow, what an amazing behavior you captured, Greg. I have just enjoyed sitting here viewing the action, and imagining the whole process as if I were there.

Greg: Flight shots of dragonflies are pretty rare and then to capture this behavior is really special. If the frog was in the plane of focus it would be even better. To put more emphasis on the dragonfly you could crop tight but I like how you’ve shown the entire scene. :+1::+1:>=))>

Thanks bill! I debated myself on including the frog or not. it being out of focus can work both ways.