Motion and color

Specific Feedback Requested

How is the framing? Any critique would be great

Technical Details

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Margaret, hello and welcome to the long time running NPN photographic community… :+1:
This is a wonderful image. As far as any thoughts for change I might try opening up the deep shadow area on the extreme right mid frame just a bit… :sunglasses:

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Welcome to NPN, Margaret. I know you’ll get a lot out of this community and look forward to your contributions as well.

This is a wonderful first image. I think the framing, the water movement, and the exposure are perfect. I agree with @Paul_Breitkreuz about raising the shadows in the upper right, but that’s a minor thing for an overall fantastic image. Looking forward to seeing more of your work here.


Margaret. Welcome to the community. It is a great place to improve your skills. Your image is absolutely beautiful. I agree with Paul and David that opening up the shadows a little on the right might bring out some interesting texture in the rocks and balance the image a little. I’m not sure if that is footprints in the sand on the left but you could also do some spot healing on that to eliminate that if it feels right for you.
What a gorgeous first image. Can’t wait for more.

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Thanks for the input. I was wondering about those shadows.

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THank you so much for your nice words and critique. I am happy to have found this group to share and learn.

I will be looking for those footprints, as well. Thank you!

Welcome, Margaret! I hope you’ll find this group as wonderful as I have! This is a GORGEOUS first post! I love what appears to be a closeup wide angle view in a fascinating location!

My only thought is to wonder about toning down the brightest highlights a little, but maybe you have done that as far as can be done without dulling them down. I think the framing is fantastic, as is the timing and shutter speed on the receding water!! It would be interesting to see if those darkest shadows on the right have a little detail in them, but not a huge negative. Processing is often discussed here, and we all learn from what others have done.

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First of all, Welcome to NPN! It’s great to have you here and we hope you find great value in being a member here. As with all things, the more you participate and contribute with your own comments and critiques, I think all would agree, the better experience you will have.

And a wonderful first post to kick things off. This is a beautiful and wonderfully composed seascape. My first impresssion was that I really liked how the receeding sur pulled my eye in to the frame; and the surrounding rock , both above and arranged in the sand really help with that lead-in effect too.

Only have a couple suggestions. And actually I think both are related to your first post and perhaps prepping for presentation here. First, the scene looks a little soft on my screen, and I suspect that is either a sharpening and/or sizing issue (not a big one btw). And could be related but the size you uploaded at only 945 px wide might be contributing.

I know for many they are hesitant to posting large versions of the fear of images getting lifted. A valid concern. I’m not sure if that’s your reason, but you can post much larger images which really helps the viewer get a good view for review and comments.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to your images and contributions!


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Awesome shot! I’m also very new here… Seems like a cool place.

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Welcome, Margaret! I think your framing is very good. The far, red-stained wall looks very interesting, and I would like to see more of it. Of course, there might not have been much more to show.

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Welcome to NPN, Margaret. Overall I like the composition and framing. I do wonder if you have another image here the water flowed more in the bottom of the frame. I feel like that would add more energy to the composition and would add more interest in the bottom of the frame.