Mountains of the Mind

This may be one of my all time favourite images. I am usually alone when I photograph in the mountains as it gives me time to focus without distraction. On this occasion it was the exact opposite. I was in Poland for my best friends wedding and he (and his wife) had organised us all a trip round the country. Part of the trip was to visit the Tatra mountains in the far south.

This location is everything but quite. A well trodden path leads along a ridge infested with tourists. The descending sun was creating deep layers in the mountains and spectacular moody sky. I could see the images I wanted to take but could’t focus. I found a small path that led deep into the mountains off the main track and within 100m there was no one. Leaning against the rocks and alpine grasses I was able to focus and capture the images I saw in my head.

This is how I imagine the mountains every time I pack the car and leave the house…deep, full of layers, full of meaning, full of drama and an epic place to spend time.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Sony A7ii | Canon 70-200 f4L
104mm | f/8 | 1/1000s | ISO100
Single image

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Congrats on making one of your favorite images! That always feels good. The layers and edges and light are pretty fantastic in this image.

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Thanks @Brent_Clark. Thanks for the comment and glad you like it. Interesting thing on favourite shots is that they are not always the best but those that mean the most!

Beautifully done, Eugene. Wonderful layering and streaming light.

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Thanks Dave!

This is quite nice. I like the moody processing and the full range of tones. I can see why it is one of your all-times favorites.

Not hard to see why it’s a favorite. The layers of course are wonderful, as is the almost subtle rays of light. Kudos for stepping off the more traveled path to get this.


@Harley_Goldman thanks very much. Yeah the tones is something that really appealed to me at the time (although there was some colour when I took the image :smiley:

@Lon_Overacker cheers for the comment! I do sometimes wonder what the image would have looked like without the rays. Think there would have been a completely different mood to it

I like the dark moody processing in the bottom 2/3’s of the image, it really helps to accentuate the gorgeous light rays in the sky. Great scene for B&W, and nice processing of it on your part.

Thanks Ed!! I actually debated whether to keep the bottom half of the image or not. I did a version of it where I square cropped it (basically cut it in half) but felt it lacked depth. So i went back to the original shot and feel it works better that way, like you say.