Mozzam Hosein

Captured at Deerfield Beach, Florida

Raw File

_DSC7732.NEF (47.3 MB)

You may only download this file to demonstrate how you would process the image. The file is Copyright of the photographer, and you must delete the raw file when you are done. Please post a jpg of what you created, along with an explanation of what you did and why you did it.

My Edit (click to see)

Hi Mozzam,
what a great seascape shot. I love to photograph flowing water. And you chose the perfect shutter speed for this scene. You’ve captured the dynamics brilliantly.

The Image Processing Challenge is a lot of fun. Putting your hand on someone else’s raw file is quite interesting. I think you go further in post-processing than you do with your own images.

So here is my experiment:

  1. Basic adjustments in LR
  2. Opened two versions as Smart Object in PS (one with a cooler white balance and one with a warmer white balance for the highlights)
  3. I created a mask to blend in the warmer version
  4. several Levels adjustment layers with masks to add some contrast
  5. I also used Triple Play actions from TK Panel to add some contrast to the water (I have heard of these actions here at NPN for the first time)
  6. I added two blank layers (one with Overlay mode, and one with Soft Light mode), sampled a warm color in the sky, and painted on that layers with a soft brush to emphasize the light.

Again, a great image with an awesome mood. Well done!