Mud Constellation

After the shadows lengthened I looked down and saw this small scene. Being that I favor such close intimates, I brought out the camera. For some reason the image looks better when viewed in a darker environment.

Please let me know how this can be improved and whether you like it at all.

GFX 50R, 45-100mm


This is amazing Igor. Detail is superb and composition impeccable. The cracks radiating from the central rock and smaller rock establish an electrifying connection.

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Oh, I am so glad to hear you say that. I was having doubts about this one. The rock itself may not be that appealing but it radiates somehow like a Madonna in an icon. And then there are all those worshippers around her.

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There’s a sense of permanence and impermanence here. The rocks feel as if they’ve arrived with force and won’t ever move or change. Of course they will, but so far outside the human timescale that we’ll never see it. The mud, while frozen at the moment, is more malleable and we can imagine it another way. Transience I suppose is what I’m going for. Each material has its own schedule and pace.

As usual you’ve put the elements together in a really intriguing and logical way. The flow and organization are cohesive and the colors are unusual and pleasing. I just want to run my fingers over that mud. I especially like the ‘river’ of smaller particles running from outside the upper right, going under the rock and spreading further down until they leave the frame again. Please say you’ll be printing this.

Very, very nice, Igor. The image has a subtle elegance. The colour palette and composition are understated and the textures are marvellous. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Wonderful, Igor. My first thought was how nicely the cracks radiate out from the large rock. Yes, it could definitely be an abstract/impressionistic interpretation of Madonna, but I also see another world or solar system. Love the soft colors. Very nicely seen and captured.

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Great as is for reasons already mentioned. Not much to improve. But you might consider cloning out that tiny white twig on the right crossing the boundary of the frame. And although I do like the soft and subdued colours I wonder what a slight increase of contrast of the tones of the sand would do.

I like this one, Igor. My kind of image. I could see popping the saturation on the big rock.

Thats a lovely wee intimate study with a very delicate and natural looking colour palette, the sort of thing I enjoy hugely but alas in my experience sells infrequently.

Congratulations on a really well crafted, superb image Igor. I love this capture. Most has already been said but the framing and composition is stellar on this. To me this looks like a meteor or small planet impacting the surface of a larger planet. The smaller pieces look like planetary moons. Scenes like this are very hard to notice when out walking about so this was well seen by you. Not sure I would change a thing on this but I do like @Igor_Hoveijn suggestion to remove that little piece of twig.

All right. I’ll admit. ‘Mary and the Child’ was kind of dumb.

My mind went to sci-fi or super hero movies. Like it was some sort of relic or object that crashed in from outer space! I really enjoyed looking at it!

I love this image, Igor! I love your comp and the soft subtle colour and it’s a winner in my book.

What makes this image work for me is the blue and purple color pallette, it really makes those rocks pop from the tan ground. The halo of cracks around the larger rocks is also a real plus. It fits together very nicely.

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Thank you for the Editors Pick.

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What a delightful photograph Igor. The composition is so wonderful with all the rocks strewn about yet you have managed to tie them all together. The subtle color palette is so inviting and makes it easy and enjoyable to look at. I also love how the cracks in the mud are localized around the two biggest rocks and then appear to vanish as the distance from the rocks increases.

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Lovely composition with beautifully subtle and balanced colors. Beautifully seen and photographed!

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Thank you for commenting. I appreciate them.

This is so nice Igor.
I love the composition and the color pallet.
My only small suggestion is to “clean” that little white root or piece of wood, more or less half way on the right border…

Absolutely beautiful, Igor. I can’t believe how much I’m attracted to this. You really nailed it.

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