Natthall (rework)



This is a new favorite place, the Natthall viewpoint overlooking the creek Rönne å. The place is situated in the south-west part of Sweden. According to the folklore tales, at this place (Natthall, “Night Hall”) trolls are living. They only show up during the night because they won´t bear the light of day. Rönne å is very popular for canoeing, if you don´t prefer white water.

This is no dramatic landscape, but instead a tranquil and peaceful place for contemplation. Just sit down and relax and forget about the time.

This image where taken three weeks ago at my first visit. No good light and no good sky but I have made my best to anyhow make a pleasant image wanting you to visit!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f/22, 1/40, ISO 400, 12 mm (24 mm equiv.), Olympus lens 12-40, Olympus camera OM-D E-M1X (mft system), tripod, cable release

Ola, this does look very peaceful, with the big meandering stream, grassy lowlands and surrounding forest. I like how the tree in the upper right mimics the meander of the stream.

@Mark_Seaver thanks for your kind comments.

This was very deliberate, but it could either be seen as something good for the image or a disturbing part. I have in other images included more of that tree branch, it has on more horizontal twist above the ones shown. But then to much of the un-interesting sky is included in the image.

Hey @Ola_Jovall this is a great image. Your framing is clearly well thought out, I’m not sure what lies just outside the frame, but nothing in the frame feels out of place. The only thing I could think would be to pull down the luminosity just a hair to the left of the river. I think it can pull out some of the detail in the brown grasses and matches the contrast of the trees and grass nearby. I just used a little curves adjustment to hold the bright parts in place and pull down the dark/midtones.

@David_Wallace thanks for your kind comments and that you took time to post-process the image. I like the changes you have made, it improves the image. Now adopted, rework posted at the tlop.