NENP Meetup

Is there any interest within those of us from New England or the Northeast in setting a meet up to explore and share secret spots for great photography in our individual areas? We used to do this years ago and had great times meeting other photographers and discovering new places.

Await your responses.

That would be awesome if you can make this happen! I will mention @NENP in my reply so they get a notice and see this post. I am happy to help with ideas of doing a full blown shindig like we’re doing in Denver, or an informal meetup, or to go out shooting together.

I would be interested. Thanks for proposing this Patricia.

I would be interested as well. If we wanted to meet and also do some shooting, perhaps something in May or June involving waterfalls and/or wildflowers. I usually get up to Sugar Hill NH each year for lupines in mid-June, and there are a lot of waterfalls in that area too. I know @Ed_Lowe and @Frank_Forward sometimes shoot the lupines, and they might also be interested.

Every couple of years I shoot the lupines at Sugar Hill. Sounds like a viable destination. Propose that the main purpose of the meetup be to photograph and then possibly have a meal together and review our photographs. One or two night stay would probably be necessary, especially if other area destinations are included. New Hampshire has so many interesting places to explore. Does NPN have any NH members that could lead a group of us in that area? If not, is anyone else willing to plan a trip? Cost would only be gas, food and motel

Another thought… the NECCC photographic weekend at UMASS Amherst in July. I have met a few NPNers there in the past. The new brochure for this year has many interesting presenters.

Any other suggestions? Wildflowers in spring. Birding at MA coastal parks. Acadia, lighthouses of New England?

I would be interested in meeting with folks for a day or two. I have been interested in photographing the Sugar Hill lupines for several years now, but have no idea where they are. So, a little guidance and camaraderie would be very nice.

I also work at UMass, so anyone visiting the NECCC in July should definitely let me know.

Welcome Lizz. If the meetup happens will surely let you know. Do plan on attending the NECCC Conference this year. Hope to see you there.


I would be interested as well. I am also thinking of going to the NECCC if I can make it work. It would be nice to meet up with other NPN members

I agree with the idea of including some shooting, and that some photo sharing/review be done mid-day or at a meal. I had previously booked lodging in Franconia NH the dates of 10/10/19 thru 10/15/19, planning to do lupines, etc.

I am very familiar with landscape photo locations (flowers, waterfalls, ponds, etc.) in the Franconia and White Mountains area, and would be happy to take folks to my favorite spots.

Thanks Ed. Do you have the name or phone number of the motel and a few dates in June that you are available. I don’t know how many NENP members work and therefore would prefer a weekend, but my choice would be week days. I may have to be in Nova Scotia for a closing on my house on June 3rd, but am free after that (one day drive back to NH). In your reply you put October… did you mean June?

Just realized that you booked October for the fall foliage. Do you want that meetup then or when the lupines are in bloom? Either works for me.

I would be interested depending on dates and if I could swing it with work. I’ve only been up to the White Mountains once for fall foliage but it’s a beautiful area.

Patricia, yes I made a mistake in my reply, I meant June, not October. The dates I am planning to be in Franconia are June 10 to June 15.

This date range coincides with the usual peak of the Lupine bloom. They are also week days, because Sugar Hill can get quite crowded with “lupine peepers” on Saturday and Sunday. This location is also near two state parks that are great for waterfalls, Franconia Notch SP and Crawford Notch SP. I have shot at these places many times, very familiar with them, I know a number of good lupine spots. There is somewhat limited lodging in Franconia, but a lot of choice in Littleton, NH about 8 miles away.

I’d say let’s see how much interest we have in the June dates and decide what makes sense. Here are some images taken from prior years of the lupines

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll mention one caveat about my Sugar Hill Lupine images. IMO the best shots are to be had at sunrise, which is 5:00 am in mid-June. So even if you are staying in Sugar Hill or nearby Franconia, the wake-up call is at 4:00 am… :grinning:

UPDATE - Dates set and agenda prepared.

Please make reservations at the Best Western in Franconia Notch, NH for Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 14th. Rooms are limited so I suggest you call Best Western (603) 823-7422 immediately if you plan on attending. (Note: Rooms can be cancelled if you do so at least 3 days before sign in.)

On Friday we will meet in the lobby at 4:00 a.m. for our first photo shoot and Saturday a.m. for another. There will be 2 sunrise shoots, 1 sunset shoot, lunch and a photo sharing session.

Anyone interested in coming please provide me with your email or cell phone number ( Thank you.

More info to come as the date gets closer.

Fantastic! I have added the dates/location and RSVP to the original post. Sounds like fun!

I presented to the. south shore camera club about locations inn SE MA & RI for photography. I an send a pdf of the lecture

Thank you. Please forward via email above.

Hi all,

I’m a bit late to the thread and will be road-tripping cross-country during the Sugar Hill meetup, but glad to see that people from the area are connecting! I’m in Medford, MA and would be happy to join in on the meetups sometime in the future.

I am a little late to the rodeo, but this sounds like fun. I should be able to make the trip so please count me in @Patricia_Brundage.

Great! See you in June.