New from Michigan

Just saying “Hi” and introducing myself. And seeing if there is anyone else from Michigan/ Great Lakes area.

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Welcome Cliff! Looking at the user map there are certainly a few from Michigan (and these are just the ones that have filled out their profile! Hopefully some of them will chime in. I hope you’ll try posting some images in the critique section, that’s where all the action is!

I plan on posting some images. It’s just right now, I am working from home supporting a call center. And sitting down at my desk to do any work on the computer is not what I want to do when I’m not working. (Right now my work desk and home desk is the same thing.)


Welcome to NPN Cliff. Even if you are pressed for time in terms of positing your own images, don’t be afraid to leave a brief comment on the critique images posted by others. Even a brief comment saying what you like about an image is appreciated by the maker.

I am friendly with an NPN member from Michigan, Alan Kreyger, whom I met on one of David Kingham’s workshops. Maybe @Alan_Kreyger will stop by to say hello.