New Gallery: "End Of The Earth" Patagonia 2018-2019

“Southern Lord” Patagonia, Argentina 2019

“Congelado” Patagonia, Argentina 2019

“Quintet” Patagonia, Argentina 2018

“Raw Power” Patagonia, Chile 2019

With the fall season just around the corner, it felt like the right time to release this gallery of new images that I have been sitting on for a while, that were created in Patagonia during the fall season of 2018 and 2019. Patagonia is one of those places that will keep calling you back. Even after going the last 3 years in a row, I still feel like I haven’t even broken the surface. For this reason, I plan on returning again one day, but for now I intend to take a break from there and focus my attention on other areas of the world.

Over the years, I have tried to capture and portray both the classic sides of Patagonia as well as the sides we don’t usually get to see. This gallery features a wide array of perspectives ranging from small, macro scenes, all the way to big, wide panoramas. As with any place, it’s complete essence could not just be captured in one photo. I have been holding onto my work from here until I finally felt I was able to complete something that appropriately conveyed the vision I have had since the first day I arrived there in 2017.

My gallery, as well as a short essay I wrote about what went into creating it, are both now available to view on my website:


Lovely image. I love Quinter, Swirling, Rhapsody, and Raw Power,. Your site is very beautiful and full of amazing images.

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Eric, All 4 of these image are wonderful. Really enjoyed seeing them!

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Rally wonderful images, Eric. Cerro Fitzroy and the Towers of Paine are very dramatic. I also like the details in the two smaller scenes. Great work!

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The whole gallery is wonderful. I hope people check out the whole thing instead of just the ones you posted here :slight_smile:

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Eric these are awesome man, I especially like “Congelado” and “Raw Power”. That spot of light on the face of Fitz Roy plus the low cloud and atmosphere really makes for a powerful image.

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I just looked through the rest of the gallery and the associated article/blog post.
Dude! 6 days in a tent is nuts man and on top of that 600-800 calories a day? I’d be pulling my hair out with hunger fueled frustration. You work bloody hard for your images and the variation across the gallery proves your work is a product of an experience and relationship with the location.
Thanks for your words on climate change at the bottom. Interesting what you said about the bare Lenga trees and the storing of glucose they use to prevent freezing in the winter. I find that the more educated you get yourself about your subjects, the more significant and meaningful they become. I’ve been intentionally learning about the native trees here and I’m finding it fascinating.
Of the shots in the gallery, I found Arterius one of the most interesting, I’m still not sure what I’m looking at!

Thanks a lot, Antonio! Glad you took some time to check out the entire gallery as well as my website. Loving your tree images you have been sharing on here lately man. Take care.

@Nick_Bristol Thank you Nick! That means a lot to me.

@Preston_Birdwell Thank you Preston! Those mountains really are wild, unlike any others I’ve ever seen. Glad you enjoyed the work!

@Brent_Clark Thanks a lot my man! Always appreciate your kind compliments about my work.

@Michael_McGee Thanks for taking time to read the essay and check out the rest of the gallery, and I’m very pleased to hear it was worth your time. You should read the book “Lab Girl” if you would like to learn more about trees, also “The Uninhabitable Earth” if you want to educate yourself more on the effects of climate change as well as the oncoming threats. Glad you like that one, and that it is interesting to you! I love to hear when some of my images aren’t so on the nose or straight forward to people. I always want to get people to scratch their head and think, while at the same time being visually pleasing. Thanks again, Michael!

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Not only I like all of them, I absolutely admire the ability to see and capture outstanding shots that cover big wide angle scenes, telephoto shots, details…

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Thanks so much, Stefan! I really appreciate that. I try to not just think of only one type of scene all the time and be looking for every kind of possibility. I like to have a diverse portfolio of work. Take care man!

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That gallery is really incredible Eric, love your work.

Both your essay and gallery are beautiful and thoughtful. I especially like your intimate scenes with the trees and snow. Such wonderful counterpoints to the majestic and dramatic peaks.

It is distressing to know that a lot of the biota we know and love now is disappearing. Thank you for braving the elements to bring us a glimpse of a world many of us will never see.

These are all very nice, Eric. But the one that really grabs me, the one I feel I could look at over and over is the image of the trees - beautiful play of light and shadow. I love the way the yellow draws me into the subtle tones and patterns of the trees and the way the verticals play off against the horizontal elements. Splendid.