New Landscape Moderator!

First and foremost, we’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to @David_Bostock for his invaluable contributions as a moderator! Although David is stepping down to concentrate on his own photography endeavors, he will continue to be an active member of the NPN community. Thank you, David – we truly appreciate the time and effort you’ve dedicated to NPN!

We have another David joining us! Please give a warm welcome to @David_Wallace, the latest addition to our team! We have full confidence in David’s abilities and are absolutely delighted to have him on board. Welcome, David!

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Well now I’ll get my Davids mixed up even more! :laughing: Kidding. Welcome to the fold, David W. I’m glad the hand off is going to be smooth. I guess I’ll have to post a landscape now.

Thank you @David_Bostock for your always very positive feed back and encouragement across the categories.
Really nice to hear @David_Wallace was able to step in and help out in the very popular Landscape category as well.

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Thank you, @David_Bostock for your contributions as the Landscape Moderator. I know it can be a time consuming job, so I am looking forward to seeing your images as you have a bit more time to get out and photograph.

Welcome aboard, @David_Wallace and thank you for stepping up to help keep this site what it is, a wonderful community of photographers and a place to share our work and knowledge.

Also, I notice there is another David in the conversation, @David_Kingham thank you for overseeing and making this place what it is. I so much appreciate it, and can’t imagine not having NPN.

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Welcome aboard David W! And thank you David B for your many contributions!

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First, Thank you @David_Bostock for being an invaluable moderator for landscape. Your cheerful and positive comments, suggestions and critiques will be missed although I understand you aren’t going anywhere. That’s great news. Looking forward to seeing even more of your work.
Welcome aboard, @David_Wallace. Thanks for taking the reins and stepping in to help to help NPN out. You’ve got this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @David_Bostock — and fervent hopes that you’ll continue to find time to post and comment! But best wishes for your upcoming endeavors! And @David_Wallace, I look forward to your critiques! I will have a few off the wall landscapes when I’m back from a very impromptu short trip. Will brave a few when I get time to edit way too many. It will test everyone’s patience as they are all aerials. Drive-by shootings, as it were.


@David_Bostock Thank you so much for your time and efforts with NPN, I’m glad to hear you will still be around offering up your expertise!

@Kris_Smith I was joking with David (K) the exact same thing!

@Paul_Breitkreuz @Shirley_Freeman @Alfredo_Mora @David_Haynes @Diane_Miller Thank you all for the kind words, I hope to live up to the high standards here at NPN!


@David_Bostock, on one hand I’m sad to you step down as moderator but on the other hand I’m very happy to know that you’ll be spending more time doing the things you love to do, and, I’m happy to know that you’ll still be around as a participating member. :slight_smile:
Thank you for all you have done!!!

@David_Wallace, Congratulations!
Like the others, I’m happy to know that you’re excited about taking on the responsibilities of a moderator, I am confident you’ll do a great job and I’m looking forward to future interactions and discussions! :slight_smile:

All the best to you both! :slight_smile:

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@David_Bostock - just to add a further note of appreciation. You have been a most welcome presence on the site and I am happy to hear that your voice will still be heard going forward. Thanks for all your effort and good will.
@David_Wallace - welcome, David. I have appreciated your insights and support of so many who participate here on NPN but now it is official!! Congrats.

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Hey all, thank you for the well wishes. I appreciate them. I look forward to spending some time focused on my photography…and will certainly still be here.

@David_Wallace best wishes on this new journey for you. I know you’ll be awesome.



Thank you @David_Bostock ! I’ve really appreciated all you’ve done here. Maybe we can take some pictures together now!

Welcome @David_Wallace; thanks for taking on this role!


@David_Bostock thanks you a lot for your time as landscape moderator, your kind, encouraging, insightful and very helpful comments has been very much appreciated, and I hope that you will stay on as non-nature moderator!

@David_Wallace it is great that you have accepted to become the new landscape moderator. Looking forward to interact with you in your new role.

@Merv @Kerry_Gordon @David_Bostock @John_Williams @Ola_Jovall Thank you all!

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Thank you @David_Wallace for stepping up to be a moderator! Good luck.

And thank you @David_Bostock for your time as a moderator! We’ve greatly appreciated your volunteering your time for us. Happy (photo) trails.