Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/10 @ f16
Went out on the back patio this morning seeking flower buds to time lapse and was delighted to see this little lady just emerged from her chrysalis on one of our clematis plants. I took a number of shots as she hung and dried her wings and then was able to gently place her on this freshly bloomed flower. We haven’t had black swallowtails in the garden for several years so this was a treat on many levels. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Bill, she is beautiful. Pristine comes to mind. I love how you placed her on the flower. I’m sure she appreciated it too. First intro to flowers and where she can get her food. So glad you went out and saw her. I wasn’t able to bring it up large! I thought that issue had been solved because I hadn’t had that problem lately. I will try to check back later and see if it will open up large.

Gorgeous, Bill. Just love the colors and the detail. I am also not able to enlarge, hopefully later today it will be sorted out.

She is spectacular! So glad you saw her. I hope she has many wonderful hours in your garden (and in front of your camera). I’d either like more room up top or a tighter, more deliberately slashing crop across the petals. And maybe a tiny bit more room on the bottom, but wow, this is a stunner. Too bad it won’t open large. The site has been wonky lately.

A real beauty nicely presented, Bill. Congratulations! The Black Swallowtail is the State Butterfly of Oklahoma, which is strange as I haven’t seen one in years.

Simply gorgeous, and so well placed on the lovely Clematis bloom. My eyes long for a bit more room top and bottom, and maybe tone down the brightest greens, but those are small nits for this image.

Hi Bill,

Freshly emerged butterflies are well worth the wait. This one is fine as presented…Jim

Bill, the colors are outstanding in both the flower and the butterfly. Excellent as presented. (My black swallowtail chrysalis disappeared in a major thunderstorm on Monday…boo!!!)

Simply Wow! This so beautiful. It is clean because it’s a newborn plus tack sharp what more can you ask. Congrats.