Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 200, 1//50 @ f11
Some new blooms for our cala garden taken in a light rain this afternoon. All comments welcome.>=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill, wonderful color, composition, and fine detail as well…:+1:

That’s some intense color, Bill. I’m used to the white ones. To my eye, the really saturated orange/red wants the foreground of the petals to be sharper. I think maybe f/22 and then calm down the background in post processing might work a bit better for this image. I love the composition.

The positioning of the curves, with the leaving of that small area of green above the second flower, makes for an excellent composition, Bill. I also like focus on the one spadex, the other hidden.

Great colors and composition, I like the way you cut the petals and the focus on the spadex. Maybe yes, a bit more sharpness of the foreground petal on the left could improve the view, but that’s minor, in my feeling.

The repetitive color and shape work really nicely. Good eye to avoid focusing on a single flower.

Good comp and color, Bill. On the face of it, Dennis’ critique for more DOF would be worth trying. Still, as thin as that lens slices for DOF, I suspect you have already done some work on the background to make it acceptable. If this were mine, I would take another stab at it anyway. For the record though, I would be satisfied with this as is.