Nigella Repost

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 5dMk III*, 180 Macro lens, f5, iso100, 1/400

Learned from Kathy about the name of this flower - Nigella damascena-Love in the Mist.


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I like the angle you shot at and the DOF seems to work.

The shape and colors of this flower are quite striking. The difference in the top of the center part in the repost has me thinking that this is a stack. If that’s the case, I think a couple more slices, to get the base of the central parts sharp would be nice. Your point-of-view and comp. look good.

Hi, Mark Thanks for the comment. No this isn’t a stack photo. Put a blur on the photo, then brushed off portions but forgot the upper center , did a repost after brushing more of the center of the flower. Also brushed off the blur affect on the green leaves.

Wayne: I’ve been away from the gallery for a bit so my apologies for the tardy response. I like this in both iterations with the repost being a slight improvement. Really nice lighting and a good DOF/POF decision. >=))>

Thanks Bill, Always appreciate your thoughtful comments.

Very nice portrait of this Nigella. This particular flower lends itself to a softer interpretation and you have treated it well. All done!

John: I like it either way. In particular, I like the composition and the DOF that you achieved. Richard

Thanks Richard, your comment is appreciated.