No masks required & 2nd Repost

After being in lockdown for about 15 months, it was time to get away and do something. We wanted to go to Columbia for a birding photography trip and at the time we made our reservations and plans, co-vid 19 rates were considerably lower than the United States. As the time to go on the trip approached, things changed radically not only with co-vid but with the political situation in Columbia. The trip was canceled. So we found the safest place to go; Iceland! No masks required and virtually no co-vid. We spent two weeks on the island and drove around the entire ring road spending the last week on a bird photography expedition in the north central and western parts of the island. This was our second trip and we enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Within the last month or so masks have become necessary as co-vid rates increased on the island. This time our timing was perfect.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 200, 35 to 70 at 70 mm, F8, 2000th, full frame, Sony A1

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Quite a getaway from Co-vid trip, David. Really drawn to this landscape shot with the dominating slope textures and the rocky shore cuts. The sky is very intense like the landscape itself.

Beautiful photo! Great light and composition. I would consider darkening the white cloud part of the cloud in the upper left. It draws the eye way from the more interesting parts of the image.

Looks wonderful and I’m glad you went since I’ve been enjoying your Iceland photos. This is an amazing coastline. One of these days I’ll have to get there myself.

thanks Tony…

David, this is a very nicely dramatic scene with the rugged coast and a great sky.

Lovely scene! Good idea on darkening the cloud, but you’ve left a halo. You can darken the cloud with a soft selection and let that selection bleed into the hillside then select the hillside with a sharp edge and use that selection to mask out the darkening selection where it got onto the hill.

I posted the wrong image. Here is the correct image. I used the select sky setting under the select menu and darkened only the selected area. But I also had to remove the sharpening halo artifact left during the selection process. The tiff image is clean but I still see a little sharpening artifact on the jpeg. Your approach may be better.

@David_Schoen This is a lovely stretch of coast. I like the variety of color here and the hint of the darker, snowy mountain peeking through the clouds. It sounds like you have a lovely trip. I’ll have to look up more of your photos as it sounds like you’ve been sharing others too!

BTW, I believe that the original post is best.

Thanks Mark. I agree the original is best. I think the whiter cloud in the left upper quadrant balances out the stuff on the right side. BTW, this was shot through the windshield from the passenger seat…