Nootka Rose

I’m presenting two views of these to see which you prefer. Both were done as stacks, though little was gained in the first version in the flowers, though it did make a couple of the leaves sharper.

Version 1

Version 2-this angle benefited considerably more from the stack.

Version 3 at Bill’s request. Minus the spent flower.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Which composition appeals to you the most and, if you can, why?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

5DIII, EF180 f/3.5 Macro, tripod with ballhead, first series at f/14, 1/50, iso 1000; second series at f/16, 1/80, iso 1000. Both stacked in Helicon Focus with further processing in LR & PS CC. Taken yesterday at 9:05 am in a break from the blowing mist that dominated the morning. These were in a mixed Oak/Fir woodland and pretty sheltered.

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Dennis: I like both but much prefer the second. From that POV the spent flower is masked for the most part. In the first image I think it takes away from the scene. I might even be inclined to make it go away in the second frame just to clean up the comp a bit. Just my $.02 worth. Really nice stack work on both. >=))>

Thanks, Bill. I do have a version with it physically removed, but thought I’d go with these for now-maybe a mistake. I’ll add it when I next fire up the computer.

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Lovely photos Dennis. I do like the re-post with the spent flower removed. Very nice.

Dennis: Really nice work on the repost. Makes a good image even better. >=))>

Lovely image - the repost. I loke the POV, stacking worked very well. The composition shows a nice flow and I like the space in front of the flower to the right. oof background is a plus.

I like the first version. It covers most of the stages of a life of a rose. Artistically, the last one will work if perfection is the goal. Well done…Jim

All three versions are pleasing images. My personal preference would be #2. The reason being the sharpness of the inner rose.